Deontay Wilder vs. Tyson Fury 2: L.A. press conference highlights

Deontay Wilder (L) and Tyson Fury get together during a news conference. (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)
Deontay Wilder (L) and Tyson Fury get together during a news conference. (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images) /

Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury got together for a press conference ahead of their Feb. 22 rematch. Here are the highlights from their meeting.

WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury came face to face for their one, and probably only, press conference ahead of their Feb. 22 rematch. Wilder vs. Fury 2 is one of the most anticipated boxing bouts of 2020.

Their first matchup was loaded with drama. Fury was only fighting for the third time since a three-year layoff due to mental health issues. He boxed superbly throughout most of the fight, but Wilder scored to knockdowns throughout the battle that made the scoring a draw.

The second knockdown came in the 12th round. Fury looked unconscious but managed to regain his senses and beat the 10-count with only a second to spare. The oscillating intensity from the first fight makes the rematch a must-see event.

Many were surprised when a press conference tour for Wilder vs. Fury 2 didn’t take place. The only announced press conference occurred in L.A. on Monday, Jan. 13. Wilder and Fury were flamboyant, loud, and confident. They did their part to hype up their upcoming pay-per-view rematch, which is a joint venture between Top Rank on ESPN and PBC on FOX.

One of the more amusing moments of the press conference was when Wilder unexpectedly shouted his catchphrase “bomb squad” behind announcer Jimmy Lennon Jr. Lennon was unaware Wilder was directly behind him and appeared to be startled by the champion.

Here are some of the notable quotes said during the press conference by Wilder and Fury courtesy of a Swanson Communications press release.

You can view the entire press conference here.

Deontay Wilder Quotes:

Wilder was quick to predict a knockout victory over Fury in their rematch.

“I knocked him out the first time we fought,” said Wilder. “I told him two years ago I was going to baptize him. Rising up is part of the baptism. But this a different story. This is unfinished business. Because he’s in WWE I’m going to make sure he gets knocked out of the ring, I might even come down with a flying elbow from the top rope.”

For Wilder vs. Fury 2, Fury is no longer working with trainer Ben Davison and has elected to have Javan “Sugarhill” Steward in his corner. Wilder sees the change as a sign of weakness.

“If he beat me, then why all the new trainers?” questioned Wilder. “Every day it changes. Firing and hiring. He wants to talk about being out of shape the first time, but he was in great shape. He spent 100,000 pounds on all those camps. I still to this day have the same people with me, and I don’t need to change it.”

Wilder’s destructive right hand floored Fury twice in their first fight, but Fury beat the count both times. Wilder thinks that Fury is mentally affected from those knockdowns.

“When you’re facing power, there’s no way around it,” said Wilder. “You can’t prepare for that. You just have to hope that when it lands, it doesn’t do that much damage. He doesn’t even know how he got on the ground or how he got up in the first fight. He’s been dealing with feeling ever since the end of the first fight.”

Wilder reiterated his intent to knock out Fury: “I’m going to do exactly what I said I would do. I’m going to knock him out. I’m the lion. I’m the king of the jungle. I’m going to rip his head off his body. Everyone sit tight and buckle up. It’s going to be a fun ride on the way to giving everyone the best fight you’ve seen in your lives.”

Tyson Fury Quotes:

Fury announced his plan to switch his strategy in the rematch. He also predicted that he would knock out Wilder in two rounds.

“He thinks I’m going to come out herky-jerky with my famous style, but I want him to meet me in the center of the ring and have a slugfest, best man wins,” declared Fury. “I didn’t have the gas to finish him in the last fight, but this time I can turn that screwdriver until he’s gone. Let’s make it a Marvin Hagler vs. Tommy Hearns type of fight. I’ll meet you in the middle of the ring on February 22. Just watch out for the right hand, because you’re going to sleep in two rounds.”

Fury was clear that he believes he won the first fight despite the draw. He’s confident that he’s going to win the second time around.

“What’s going to happen in this fight is that I’m going to get what I rightfully won last time,” said Fury. “I’m going to get the green belt and keep my lineal title. And if he wants to rematch me after, I’ll beat him again. I’ve already beat him once, and I know I can beat him three times in a row.

I’m going to win, that’s what I do. Deontay Wilder can make all the excuses he wants to make. Everyone on his team can tell him he won that fight, but as a fighting man, you know when you win and lose a fight. I’m going to go out there give him a boxing lesson and knock him out.”

Like Wilder, Fury also addressed his hiring of new trainer Steward.

“I’m looking for a knockout,” said Fury. “That’s why I hired Sugarhill. He gets you to sit down on that big right hand. That’s what I’m looking for. There’s the game plan. If I wasn’t looking for a knockout, I would have sharpened up what I did in the last fight. I’m not coming for that. I’m looking for my 21st knockout.”

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