Michael Irvin wants Tom Brady to finish his career with the Patriots

Tom Brady has a chance to do something few legends have done — finish his career with the same team it started with.

Many things go into piecing together someone’s legacy. For Tom Brady, we’re closer to finishing that puzzle than we are to starting it, but we still can’t exactly picture what his legacy will be

For Michael Irvin, a crucial part of that legacy discussion could be something that brings him back to New England in 2020. He hopes that Brady bucks the trend of moving from team-to-team and stays with the Patriots.

“Everybody bounces around so much, to have somebody now that stays with one organization his entire career [sic] has become an anomaly,” Irvin told FanSided’s Mark Carman. “Everyone moving has become the norm when it used to be the reverse.”

While that could be interpreted as a Boomer-ism, Irvin has a point. Brady finishing his career with the same team he started it with would be something even greats like Johnny Unitas, Joe Montana, Peyton Manning, and Brett Favre didn’t do.

Even Irvin’s teammate Emmit Smith finished his career somewhere other than Dallas, as did his contemprorary Jerry Rice. It’s incredibly rare to have a player’s career arc begin and end with one team, which is a potentially juicy enough piece of the potential legacy puzzle that Brady may not be able to pass up.

At least, Patriots fans are hoping so.

Michael Irvin spoke on behalf of Frito-Lay Pepsico.