Ryan Tannehill: A closer look at his comeback 2019 season and fantasy relevance


Ryan Tannehill had a terrific first season with the Tennessee Titans. Let’s take a look back at his 2019 NFL Comeback Player of the Year season.

No, it wasn’t just Derrick Henry who helped get the Tennessee Titans all the way to the AFC Championship game. A big reason for the Titans’ success on offense was an incredible year out of former Miami Dolphins starting quarterback Ryan Tannehill. He made his first trip to the Pro Bowl and was named NFL Comeback Player of the Year. Let’s take a closer look at his great season.

The Fantasy Footballers point out that while Tannehill was only QB22 through the end of the fantasy season, he was the second-most consistent quarterback in the league last year in terms of fantasy. Being QB22 isn’t bad, as Tannehill only had 10 starts for the 2019 Titans. But how should we look at him heading into 2020, assuming he’s coming back to Tennessee?

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No, you shouldn’t draft Tannehill in the QB12 range. There are plenty of signal-callers that need to be off the board before you even consider drafting Tannehill. Those players include Patrick Mahomes, Lamar Jackson and Kyler Murray. However, Tannehill is worthy of being drafted by your fantasy next year. In some cases, he’s good enough to be your steady QB1 option.

Positives to look at Tannehill’s game going forward is that he makes great decisions in the red zone. While Henry may punch a lot of those touchdowns in, Tannehill is making enough plays with his arms and legs to sustain drives. His accuracy improved drastically in Arthur Smith’s system, being able to get the most out of the offensive scheme, which Marcus Mariota couldn’t do.

Negatives to look at Tannehill’s game moving forward is we can’t reasonably expect the Titans offense to be menacing in the red zone again. When a kicker doesn’t attempt a field goal in over 50 calendar days, you know your offense is humming, but you also have to realize that type of red-zone efficiency is not really sustainable.

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Overall, Tannehill is a low-end QB1 in fantasy football entering 2020. His ability to scramble a bit and occasionally let it rip downfield makes him a slightly more valuable fantasy football quarterback than you’d realize. Ultimately, he needs to stay in Tennessee and play in Smith’s offense if he’s going to recreate his magical 2019 season in 2020.