Tampa Bay Buccaneers free agency 2020: Top 5 targets

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Brandon Scherff

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers could use an upgrade on the offensive line. Now, adding to the offensive line isn’t going to grab the headlines like a running back or even a cornerback, and especially not a quarterback, but it could be the move that keeps you in contention. A bad offensive line could be the difference between a mediocre team and playoff team. This is important for everyone in the organization as people fight for their jobs.

Brandon Scherff is the best guard available in the free agency class. He comes from a mess of a Washington Redskins team, and the Bucs might be a nice change of pace for him.

Scherff is a former top-five pick in the NFL Draft and played well during his time in Washington. He brings a certain toughness to the offensive line that players like Richie Incognito bring but without the drama. He will knock someone out to keep them from the quarterback.

Scherff is going to cost a ton. However, if the Bucs are going to spend anywhere that’s not at the QB position, it has to be the offensive line. Scherff is an asset worth paying for. He’s 28 years old and is gigantic. He still has two or three years of prime offensive line play, and could be very good even after that. If he gets on a team that’s worth more than just a football team like the Redskins, he can even overplay his value.