Seattle Seahawks free agency 2020: Top 5 targets

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3. Robby Anderson

Anderson is one of the players on the list that desperately needs a change of scenery. Surprise, surprise, it’s another Jets player. Anderson has come within inches from stardom, just to watch it slip through his fingers. In 2017, he was on the edge of a 1,000-yard season. Then last year, he had moments of insane play, but also games where he had one catch and under 20 yards.

Anderson’s talent is not matching his output right now. He’s stuck at being a really good second option. He would give Russell Wilson a chance to open up the field even more. This is the type of production they were dreaming about when they claimed Josh Gordon off waivers. He eventually got suspended again, so the Seahawks need someone who’s at least somewhat reliable.

Anderson’s production has been inconsistent, but he’s been able to stay on the field. He’s only missed two games in his career, which is huge for a team that has Tyler Lockett (also incredibly healthy, missing only one game) and D.K. Metcalf (a physical specimen that’s going to be hard to hit in the first place).

If Anderson can stay on the field, this gives the Seahawks the ability to put a plan in place and stick with it. Imagine the three-headed monster at receiver for Wilson to choose from, on top of Greg Olson.