Patrick Mahomes is working on more ridiculous throws

Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images
Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images /

Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes is known for his ability to do the impossible, and it looks like he’s hard at work to do even more in 2020.

Believe it or not, Patrick Mahomes still has room to grow. He’s working to ensure he takes his game to another level in 2020.

Less than a week after his comments were revealed in reference to when he learned to read defenses, Mahomes is dropping even more jaws. The 2018-19 MVP and this year’s Super Bowl MVP is famous for dazzling plays that often come off-schedule, and he’s perfecting that craft.

Mahomes has spent a lot of time in his home state of Texas training in the offseason. Today’s video features him working on throwing from a variety of arm angles, often off-balance and fading away from his intended targets:

Preventative maintenance and joint/muscle strength building have been two critical points of emphasis in Mahomes’ training regimen as of late. He battled through several injuries last season but was able to return in time to fine-tune things and gear up for the playoffs. He then led the Kansas City Chiefs to their first Super Bowl victory in 50 seasons.

On the year, Mahomes threw for 4,031 yards and 26 touchdowns. In 14 starts, he threw just five interceptions and seemed a lot more comfortable under center once he got healthy. He’s set to enter year three as a full-time starter in Andy Reid’s famous offense.

If his latest workouts are any indication, we have yet to see the final form of Patrick Mahomes. That’s a scary sight for opposing defenses, considering they already have enough trouble slowing down the 24-year-old.

Mahomes is one of the NFL’s brightest young stars. The fact that he’s working so hard despite already having reached the pinnacle of success bodes well not only for his future, but the future of the league as a whole.

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