Will Chicago Bears regret trading for Nick Foles instead of Cam Newton?

The Chicago Bears have almost moved on from Mitch Trubisky after trading for Nick Foles.

When and if NFL training camps open, the Chicago Bears will say they are having real competition at every position, including at quarterback. Matt Nagy will talk with great enthusiasm how this camp is wide open at every position. Some will hope that competition will bring out the best in Mitch Trubisky.

Don’t kid yourself.

Competition is effective to kick someone into gear when they are not living up to their potential. A lazy quarterback who is counting his money. Trubisky is not that. He is in gear, works hard and wants to be great. He just isn’t any good. The Bears know this somewhere deep down in their football souls, which is why general manager Ryan Pace was willing to pay significant money, plus relinquish a 4th round compensatory draft pick for Nick Foles.

Bears fans are in only a slightly better place: Going from knowing full well that Trubisky was the wrong move to wondering if Foles is the best Chicago can do?

Jameis Winston and Cam Newton are certainly a more attractive option, even if neither is as chummy with Matt Nagy, offensive coordinator Bill Lazor and quarterbacks coach John DeFilippo as Nick Foles is.

Foles has relationships with nearly the entire Bears coaching staff at some point in his wandering career, the Bears his 6th NFL stop going into his 9th season. Does that make him better suited for the job or simply the path of least resistance?

It seems that as the Bears move on, they are still trying to hold on. Newton would be a  starter on day one. Same deal with Winston. With Foles, the Bears can claim that they are having competition. This is like a breakup, but you are still going out to dinner next week to see if things are better. We may get back together you are telling your close friends.

Thing is, clean breaks are best. The Bears did everything they could with Trubisky. He was coached up, talked up, protected in every way. It didn’t work out. Patrick Mahomes and DeShaun Watson being in the same draft make it that much more painful.

It will be talked about, forever.

The Bears only option now is to move on. Which they did trading for Foles, while still looking back.