NFL Draft Prospects: 5 most underrated players slated to go in Round 1

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First round picks are expected to develop into stars for the teams that draft him. These five players aren’t getting enough love from NFL GMs at the moment.

The first round of the NFL Draft is a great opportunity for teams to acquire players who can serve as foundational pieces of their roster for years to come. Of course, some first rounders are more valuable than others. Teams who pick the players on this list are going to ace the 2020 NFL Draft.

Yesterday we detailed five guys who are going to be drafted well ahead of where they should be. This list serves as the opposite. These five players aren’t getting enough love from GMs that currently possess first round picks.

Remember, the value of each player on this list is relative to where they are projected to be picked. Joe Burrow won’t qualify since he’s slated to go No. 1. It’s difficult to outperform the value projected at the pinnacle of the draft.

It’s easier for players who are expected to go at the bottom of the round to outperform their draft slots. That doesn’t mean they’re necessarily better players than others on this list, but it does mean they are more underrated. Without further delay, let’s start with a linebacker who may not even make it into the bottom of the first round.

5. Zack Baun

Outside linebacker may not be the most valuable position in the NFL, but every defense wants to find guys who are capable of rushing the passer from that spot on the field. That’s what will make Baun so valuable at the next level.

He’s got enough burst to play in either a 3-4 or 4-3 system. Baun can serve as a strong defender at the point of attack against the run and get up the field on more obvious passing downs. That’s a recipe for a defender who should comfortable slot into the middle of Round 1. Instead, he’s struggling to hear his name called on Day One.

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