Jimmy Graham believes he can still dominate the NFL

New Chicago Bear tight end Jimmy Graham had a verbose introductory press conference that showed he still believes in himself.

I grew up in a house where the english language was valued. My Dad spent his Sunday morning completing the New York Times crossword puzzle at what seemed like record pace. The Carman household favorite board game was Boggle, which tested your ability to identify and spell words quickly. I had to learn fast to be allowed at the table.

I was also instructed at a very young age to always sign my name NEATLY. I apologize to Mom and Dad for never quite learning that one. I suppose there is still time.

My Dad also hammered away at extra words when people talked. You know, was a no no. I was thinking of my father as I listened to Jimmy Graham’s press conference with Chicago reporters. Graham was peppered with questions like, why in the world would you want to play in Chicago and are you any good anymore?

The answers were noticeably wandering.

“Um, you know, I mean obviously, um, you know, it’s, I am you know for me, I’m still fast you know and I still have the ability to make big plays,” Graham tried to explain.

Graham was navigating his way through the question of whether or not he can still play football at a high enough level to make an impact. Eventually, after two minutes and 28 agonizing seconds, he got to the punch line.

“This is a great opportunity for me to prove myself, to show everybody what I can do and the type of player that I am. I always said that if I didn’t think I had the ability to dominate this league, then I wouldn’t play anymore, but I still believe I have that ability,” Graham said.

Sweet. Graham believes in himself. A lot. He will need that with all the skeptics out there.

I did an unofficial you know, um, for me, obviously counter and came up with this for that one can you still play question:

You know: 33

Um: 22

For me: 6

Obviously 7

For the record, I have listened to this soundbite at least 10 times and am still unsure if I got the numbers right. Graham is a quick, deceptive, elusive talker. The words streak together proving to be quite the challenge to handle all at once. Hopefully, he can get back to being that same thing on the field for the Bears.

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