Rex Ryan called Amari Cooper a turd, and we’re having a hard time figuring out why

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - JULY 26: Former NFL coach
BEVERLY HILLS, CA - JULY 26: Former NFL coach /

Rex Ryan flipped out and called Amari Cooper a turd for no good reason and Twitter is not happy with him.

We’re all a little stressed out right now but the folks at ESPN might think of taking the microphone away from NFL analyst Rex Ryan for a little while. The always outspoken Ryan crossed a bit of a line this morning while discussing wide receiver Amari Cooper receiving a new contract from the Cowboys on ESPN’s morning show Get Up.

Dallas signed Cooper to a five-year, $100 million deal this offseason that includes $60 million in guaranteed money.

That is a big deal.

While Cooper hasn’t necessarily lived up to the lofty expectations he brought with him when the Oakland Raiders drafted him fourth overall in the 2015 NFL Draft, he hasn’t exactly been terrible either. Cooper has been voted to four Pro Bowls and has played quite well since being traded to the Cowboys during the 2018 season.

That brings us back to Ryan. Look, his job is to comment on these types of things. It is totally fine if Ryan things Cooper isn’t worth the money the Cowboys are paying him. In the clip below, however, Ryan goes way too far. He seems to get unnecessarily worked up and animated while talking about Cooper. The venom seems to be a little over the top but whatever, its T.V., right? Unfortunately, near the end of the clip, things take a more drastic turn when Ryan makes things personal and refers to Cooper as a “turd.”

Get Up host Mike Greenberg tries to cut Ryan off but the former coach just keeps rambling about how the Cowboys should have paid Dak Prescott instead.

Twitter, rightfully so, jumped in to defend Cooper and shame Ryan.

Calvin Watkins is right. It is absolutely unprofessional for Ryan to result to name-calling because he doesn’t think a guy is good enough at football. Ryan should be on the phone with Cooper right now apologizing. As for ESPN, they might want to consider leaving Ryan in quarantine permanently.