Wrestlemania 36 results: Becky Lynch survives Shayna Baszler

WrestleMania 36 (photo via WWE, Inc)
WrestleMania 36 (photo via WWE, Inc) /

Becky Lynch survives Shayna Baszler at Wrestlemania 36 to retain the RAW Women’s Championship.

At night one of Wrestlemania 36, Becky Lynch defeated Shayna Baszler via pinfall to retain the RAW Women’s Championship.

Baszler dominated much of the match, utilizing a variety of brutal strikes, impactful tosses and several submissions (including Lynch’s signature maneuver, the Disarmher, as well as multiple Kirifuda Clutches). Lynch managed to get a few shots in, but found herself unable to lock in the Disarmher, or otherwise deal real damage to Baszler.

Ultimately, however, as Baszler once again locked Lynch in the Kirifuda Clutch, Lynch rolled through and managed to keep Baszler’s shoulders on the mat for a three-count, retaining her championship by the narrowest of margins. After the match, Lynch celebrated while Baszler was left sitting stunned, before dejectedly leaving the ring.

On the Feb. 10 episode of Monday Night RAW, Baszler made her main roster debut by assaulting Lynch, infamously biting the back of Lynch’s neck and drawing blood. Baszler then earned a title shot at Wrestlemania by winning the Elimination Chamber match at the event of the same name, eliminating the other five competitors of the match.

In the weeks preceding Wrestlemania, Lynch and Baszler took turns launching sneak attacks on the other during RAW, with Lynch laying out Baszler with a steel chair on March 23, and Baszler responding by choking Lynch out with the Kirifuda Clutch on March 30.

With her victory, Lynch continues her reign of 364 days as RAW Women’s Champion that began when she won the main event of Wrestlemania 35. It is the longest reign for the RAW Women’s belt specifically and is the fifth-longest women’s title reign in the Wrestlemania era. Baszler, meanwhile, fails to add to her resume of two NXT Women’s Championship reigns, having the most days combined as champion, and the second-longest individual championship reign.

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