Aleister Black shows appreciation to fans during empty-arena WrestleMania 36

WWE superstar Aleister Black offered his thoughts and appreciation to the WWE fans on Twitter, during the empty-arena WrestleMania.

As WWE presented WrestleMania 36 from an empty Performance Center in Orlando, it was done in an attempt to help everyone forget about the real-life situation going on. And to do it, they stretched out WrestleMania across two-nights for the first time ever. And Aleister Black took to Twitter to give his thoughts on the unique situation and what it means to not have the fans in attendance.

Black was featured on Sunday night’s finale, as he defeated Bobby Lashley. After the match, he posted a picture on Twitter that revealed the experience and the big difference that having the fans there makes.

It was a sentiment that was also noted earlier in the day by Natalya Neidhart when a fan asked her about the difference. This is the first time we’ve ever seen this through an entire event. WWE flirted with the idea during the Attitude Era when The Rock and Mick Foley competed in an empty arena for their Halftime Show during the Super Bowl. It was a great concept for a one-match thing, but nobody would’ve ever guessed we’d be in a position today where that had to be a forced reality.

Things like this from Black remind us all that the WWE superstars do every bit of this for us. They give their bodies every night for the fans, and it’s refreshing to hear some of the appreciation being given back from the ones that are in the ring.

This weekend was a huge look into the difference that an empty arena makes. When we’re all able to gather publicly again, just imagine the roar of the crowd from every city WWE brings their brand of action. Hopefully everybody else has enjoyed the efforts of every superstar in the ring this weekend.