These 4 athletes deserve a Michael Jordan-like documentary of their own

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Michael Jordan
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Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods made golf cool. No one plays more of an important role in his or her sport than Tiger. Even when he is going to miss a cut by several strokes, he has the biggest crowd on a Friday. Ratings when he is in contention on Sunday are through the roof. Tiger Woods doesn’t move the needle; Tiger Woods is the needle. Even from his first day on tour, everyone knew his potential, and he blew past it.

Woods, of course, had a scandal of his own, where he admitted to infidelity with several women in 2009. The scandal led to a long break from golf, several of his sponsors dropping him and eventually, a divorce from his wife.

Of course, more recently, Woods is known for making one of the greatest comebacks in sports. After four back surgeries, not winning a tournament in over five years, or a major in close to 11, a DUI arrest in 2017, and wondering if he would ever play competitive golf again, he is, once again, one of the best golfers on Tour. Woods has one of the best rise-fall-rise again stories in all of sports, and his popularity makes it all that much better. You do not have to be a golf fan to be infatuated with Tiger’s history, both positive and negative.