These 4 athletes deserve a Michael Jordan-like documentary of their own

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Michael Jordan
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Tom Brady

This would have been an awesome watch anyway, but Tom Brady’s breakup last month with the Patriots makes it even that much more interesting.

Of course, the story of Brady, a sixth-round pick out of Michigan turned into the best quarterback ever, needs no telling. We’ll take it anyway, though.

The New England Patriots have never been controversy-free either. “SpyGate” took over the football world in in 2007 and 2008, and the accusations go as far back as the year 2000. The Patriots were disciplined, as the organization was fined $250,000, Bill Belichick was fined double that, and the team had to forfeit their 2008 first-round draft pick, No. 31 overall.

“DeflateGate” also one of the biggest sports scandals in the 2010s. Brady notably broke his cell phone, and that played a vital role in his eventual four-game suspension. The suspension was lifted, and then again put in place later on, and other punishments were much more severe than those of SpyGate. Of course, when Brady returned after serving the punishment, the Pats won the Super Bowl again.

Now that Brady is a Buccaneer, there is a brand new chapter. Rumors about Brady and Belichick’s relationship have been around for years. Now that we have a lead, it would be awesome to know the real story.

Brady is such an interesting figure. Bewteen his grind to become the best, the TB12 method, how he won, the scandals and his departure from Foxborough, who wouldn’t tune in?