NFL Draft 2020: 5 worst picks of the first round

Justin Herbert, Oregon Ducks. (Alika Jenner/Getty Images)
Justin Herbert, Oregon Ducks. (Alika Jenner/Getty Images) /
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NFL Draft busts
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The Packers drafting Jordan Love and the Chargers taking Justin Herbert are going to be big 2020 NFL Draft busts. But who else bombed the draft?

No NFL General Manager is ever going to admit failure just after making their first round pick. These GMs should have done better. The five players on this list represent the worst picks made on Day One of the 2020 NFL Draft.

5. Jordan Love, Packers

The Packers took an understandable risk at No. 26 by drafting a quarterback with the potential to develop into an above-average starter. The issue with the pick is that it does nothing to help Aaron Rodgers win in the short-term.

After Davante Adams, Green Bay has almost nothing at the wide receiver position. The quality of options available to them at No. 26 makes passing on a wideout an inexcusable decision for the franchise. They could have easily secured a starter to make Rodgers’ life easier.

It’s possible that the Packers can recover from this error by grabbing a few talented wideouts in later rounds, but it’s hard to chalk this pick as anything other than a missed opportunity. Love’s talent makes him a decent value at No. 26, but the Packers were the wrong team to pull the trigger on this sort of move.

This won’t go down as a disaster for Green Bay’s front office, but it isn’t going to be a popular move in the locker room. The Packers should have done better.