NFL Draft 2020: 5 worst picks of the first round

Justin Herbert, Oregon Ducks. (Alika Jenner/Getty Images)
Justin Herbert, Oregon Ducks. (Alika Jenner/Getty Images) /
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NFL Draft busts
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4. A.J. Terrell, Falcons

The Falcons were working hard to move up in Round 1 to position themselves to draft C.J. Henderson. Ultimately, they couldn’t find a deal they liked. That forced them into reaching to take A.J. Terrell with the No. 16 overall selection.

Terrell is a good athlete, but it’s unclear whether he can really emerge as a difference-maker at the next level. He struggled against elite competition at times during his Clemson career. His performance against LSU in his final game left a lot to be desired.

He’s got the speed to cover top-end receivers at the next level, but his inability to finish plays should be a major red flag for the Falcons coaching staff. Terrell is going to commit more than his fair share of penalties at the next level.

There’s a chance that Terrell can evolve into an above-average starter in time, but the Falcons passed on a lot of superior prospects to take him so early. Anytime a franchise reaches based on positional need the pick becomes questionable. That’s exactly what Atlanta did here.