Remote NFL draft didn’t stop fans from booing Roger Goodell

Roger Goodell, 2020 NFL Draft. (Photo by NFL via Getty Images)
Roger Goodell, 2020 NFL Draft. (Photo by NFL via Getty Images) /

Just because the 2020 NFL Draft is the first virtual draft, it does not mean the tradition of fans booing commissioner Roger Goodell is going away.

Even during a remote, virtual draft, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell couldn’t avoid hearing the boo’s from fans.

With this year’s first-ever virtual draft, due to COVID-19 social distancing precautions, things are different this time around. But just when you thought your favorite part of the draft would be gone, in fact, it still found a way into the remote proceedings.

Prior to the first pick, Goodell had a special announcement. An announcement that showed his favorite part of the draft would still be featured.

“It’s a draft tradition and one that I genuinely enjoy. Let’s hear it from you right now,” Goodell said before turning toward a TV with multiple fans booing him via webcam.

In that virtual group of fans booing included Hall of Famer Michael Strahan. Off the clock from his Good Morning America duties, Strahan was able to partake in Goodell’s favorite draft moment.

Spectators on Twitter were iffy when it came to Goodell’s attempt at humor.

”Soooooo boring & monotone. No personality #BooTheCommish,” one account tweeted.

There was also a trend with people tweeting this segment was cringe-worthy. There was one account that did dig segment.

“Even the virtual boos are good,” a tweet read along with a gif of NBA player Chris Paul laughing.

Having this tradition continue should definitely have Goodell feeling right at home during this 2020 NFL Draft.

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