Pittsburgh Steelers 2020 NFL Draft grades: Chase Claypool primes receiving corps

Chase Claypool, Notre Dame Fighting Irish. (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)
Chase Claypool, Notre Dame Fighting Irish. (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images) /
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Chase Claypool, Notre Dame Fighting Irish
Chase Claypool, Notre Dame Fighting Irish. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images) /

Best Pick

WR. 819. Scouting Report. Pick Analysis. Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Chase Claypool. 49. player

Admittedly, the Steelers had one of the blandest drafts in the NFL this spring. Not having a first-round pick or a fifth-rounder really prevented them from landing a ton of excitable players. That’s not to say general manager Kevin Colbert did land a few quality pieces to help round out the football team, though. So let’s say Chase Claypool is the best pick the Steelers made this year.

Claypool edges out Charlotte 49ers outside linebacker Alex Highsmith for this top honor. Wide receivers rarely bust in Pittsburgh and Claypool should be able to contribute right away. His possession-receiving ability will help him have plenty of balls thrown his way by Ben Roethlisberger as a rookie. Claypool can help Pittsburgh move the sticks.

Worst Pick

RB. Maryland Terrapins. 124. player. Scouting Report. Pick Analysis. Anthony McFarland Jr.. 824

It’s hard to say what the Steelers are getting out of Anthony McFarland Jr. coming out of Maryland. Again, his time in College Park was chaotic to say the very least. Having a high-profile father may put too much pressure on his namesake, but he’s probably dealt with this for his entire life. He could be a very important player in the Steelers’ rushing attack, but it is a crowded room for now.

James Conner has been the starting running back for the Steelers for the last few years. They drafted Benny Snell out of Kentucky just last season, and he was an infinitely more impactful college player than McFarland. Pittsburgh may opt to go with a more ball-control offense with Roethlisberger on the final holes of his career, but the Steelers reached a tad here at No. 124.

Grade: C-