Super Bowl 55 odds: Chiefs-Saints the favorites, Buccaneers-Chiefs close behind

Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs. (Photo by David Eulitt/Getty Images)
Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs. (Photo by David Eulitt/Getty Images) /

Super Bowl 55 odds are out and the Chiefs and Saints are the betting favorites while the Buccaneers-Chiefs matchup is tied for second-best.

A year after winning the NFL MVP in his first season as a starter and being a coin toss (or penalty flag) away from the Super Bowl, Patrick Mahomes helped bring a Super Bowl ring to the Kansas City Chiefs and head coach Andy Reid. According to the latest Super Bowl 55 betting odds from, the Chiefs are the favorites to get back to the big game next year.

Their most likely opponents? The New Orleans Saints. Since last season’s disappointing exit from the playoffs, the Saints have gotten even stronger, signing Emmanuel Sanders – a Chiefs’ Super Bowl foe with the San Francisco 49ers – to give Drew Brees a dynamic 1-2 punch at wide receiver with Michael Thomas entrenched as the top guy.

A Saints vs. Chiefs Super Bowl would have plenty of fireworks on offense, and both teams do look like the most probable conference champions. As of right now in May, of course.

Top 10 Super Bowl 55 Odds

  1. Saints vs. Chiefs – 25/1
  2. 49ers vs. Chiefs – 28/1
  3. Buccaneers vs. Chiefs – 28/1
  4. Saints vs. Ravens – 30/1
  5. 49ers vs. Ravens – 30/1
  6. Buccaneers vs. Ravens – 30/1
  7. Cowboys vs. Chiefs – 33/1
  8. Cowboys vs. Ravens – 40/1
  9. Eagles vs. Chiefs – 40/1
  10. Seahawks vs. Chiefs – 40/1

As a whole, the NFC odds are more open than the AFC Super Bowl odds, as the Chiefs and Baltimore Ravens are the only AFC teams involved in the top 10 matchup odds. It makes sense since Lamar Jackson and Mahomes are the best players in the league and the most recent MVPs. So no, Bill Belichick isn’t expected to carry the New England Patriots without a quarterback.

Meanwhile, Tom Brady‘s Tampa Bay Buccaneers are listed twice in the top 10 scenarios, with their most likely opponents being the Chiefs, who unsurprisingly dominate the odds.

Elsewhere, the 49ers seem to have a good shot at returning despite continued doubts about Jimmy Garoppolo. The Dallas Cowboys are also a threat to face the Chiefs and Ravens, and even the Seattle Seahawks and Philadelphia Eagles sneak in there as possible opponents for Mahomes. A Russell Wilson vs. Mahomes quarterback duel sure would be incredible.

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It’s interesting to see the Buccaneers getting some love behind the Saints and Ravens in the Super Bowl odds, but it seems like betters may be too bullish on a team with question marks on defense and at other positions on offense. Even Brady is something of a question mark despite his legendary status and motivation, seeing how badly he played in 2019.

Maybe the odds charts should show some more respect to the Cowboys superior defense, as well as Dak Prescott and the much-improved offense, over Brady’s hyped-up Bucs.