The Match: Champions for Charity odds 7 best bets for Tiger Woods vs. Phil Mickelson 2

The Match: Champions for Charity, Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images for The Match)
The Match: Champions for Charity, Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images for The Match) /

The Match: Champions for Charity best bets.

The Match: Champions for Charity on Sunday, May 24 from Medalist Golf Club in Florida will mark the second clash between Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson. At 3 p.m. ET though, they’ll be joined by playing partners this time around as two legendary NFL quarterbacks, Peyton Manning and Tom Brady, will join the golfers for a match play event to benefit COVID-19 relief. It’s also going to be top-tier entertainment, especially with all of the prop bets and odds available.

With sports scarce during the ongoing pandemic, it’s no surprise that having Tiger vs. Phil 2 featuring Manning and Brady has garnered a ton of attention from the betting public. Some have even likened the long list of prop bets available for The Match: Champions for Charity to that of the Super Bowl — which is saying something considering we’re talking about golf here.

There will be numerous opportunities to place bets on Sunday’s event. With four players, two pros and two amateurs, in match play format, fans can bet on the outcome of holes, the overall outcome or specific instances such as a hole in one, birdies or so on. And the fact that the format will feature best ball on the front nine and modified alternate shot on the back nine only adds to the intrigue.

Regardless, if you’re so inclined to wager on The Match: Champions for Charity or just want to bet with your friends, these are the seven best bets available for Tiger vs. Phil II. All odds are courtesy of The Action Network.

7.  Tiger Woods (+350) and Phil Mickelson (+350) to birdie Hole 1

Considering that the coronavirus outbreak has limited athletes’ ability to compete at a high level on a weekly basis — as we saw at the Driving Relief event a week ago — the odds here are so good because oddsmakers are expecting Woods and Mickelson to be rusty. And that makes sense but it also doesn’t take into account the difficulty, or possible lack thereof, of the first hole at Medalist.

Though Woods and Mickelson will be playing the par 4 from 499 yards away, this is essentially a straight hole with a flat green. With the odds where they are, it’s worth the bet that they can stay in the fairway off the tee and then convert on a maneuverable, albeit small, green.

6. Will there be a hole in one? – Yes (+5000)

Considering there are only 16 total shots for this to happen (four golfers on four par 3 holes) at Medalist, this might seem crazy. However, is there anything more fun to root for than this? Not only can a minuscule wager net a ton of cash but it would also help the entire cause. Michelob ULTRA has pledged to give a free six-pack to everyone in America if any player hits a hole in one. That’s a huge reasons to make this bet and root like crazy whenever par 3s come up.

5. Who will hit the longest tee shot on Hole 3? – Tom Brady (+105)

Between Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, the former is the longer off of the tee. That’s just the simple state of their health as Brady remains an NFL quarterback while Manning is retired and has endured neck fusion surgery. He just physically can’t bomb it the way the new Buccaneers quarterback is able to. Thus, that makes this bet somewhat simple.

The one caveat to be wary of for this wager, however, is that the tee shot must land on the fairway to count. While Brady is clearly the longer hitter, he’s not as consistent with his accuracy. At better than even odds, though, that’s worth taking the gamble here.

4. Will either team hole a shot from off the green? – Yes (+260)

This might be my favorite bet among the many for The Match: Champions for Charity. Much like with the hole in one bet, it adds to the intrigue of the viewing experience as every chip shot has the stakes raised for you at home. But beyond that, these are nice odds considering who’s playing.

Mickelson is famous for his ability with a wedge around the green, which he’ll no doubt be looking to show off in this type of event. Woods is no slouch either in this department as he’s been a blue-chip short game player at the heights of his career. And if Manning or Brady put a good stroke on the ball, they’re both talented enough to sink one from off the green as well.

3. Who will be leading after Hole 9? – Woods/Manning (+250, BetMGM)

Coming down the stretch of these best bets, you’re going to notice a trend. This is where that begins with a +250 bet that Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning will be leading The Match: Champions for Charity halfway through the event at Medalist.

Look, every one of these four golfers is going to be rusty, pros and amateurs alike. However, prior to the quarantine, Woods was playing miles better than Mickelson at this point in their respective careers. Couple that with Manning’s overall recent experience on the course and his consistency when compared to Brady and this seems like a nice bet that the Woods/Manning pairing can jump out to an early lead, even if it’s slight.

2. Tiger Woods/Peyton Manning to win (-190, FanDuel)

Especially if you think that Woods and Manning are going to emerge as the winners of this match play event, then this might actually be the worst bet on this card. If they’re going to win, there’s much more money to be had on them leading through nine holes and our final best bet, which we’ll get to momentarily.

At the same time, since this is how I see things playing out on Sunday, why not take the best odds offered and still make a little coin? Again, Woods is the better pro right now compared to Mickelson and Manning is the more reliable amateur. Also factoring in Tiger’s likely motivation to beat Mickelson after the latter got the victory in the first iteration of The Match, this one feels like a slam dunk.

1. What will be the match finishing hole? – 16th hole (+350, PointsBet)

This might be somewhat of a gut feeling but I also believe it makes the most sense in relation to the best odds for The Match: Champions for Charity for where the match will finish. To me, Woods and Manning are the obvious favorites, even more so than the odds would indicate. Thus, they should be able to close out the event prior to the 18th hole.

While that may be true, the rust factor is real, so I don’t expect this pairing to completely dominate Mickelson and Brady. That’s why winning at the 16th hole seems like the right spot. It’s a decisive victory for Woods/Manning but not anything overly dominant either. At +350 odds, that seems like good value to be had.

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