Patrick Mahomes’ new deal will rock the NFL’s world

Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images) /

The Kansas City Chiefs are eventually going to give quarterback Patrick Mahomes an extension. It’ll shake the NFL.

Patrick Mahomes is a rich man. He’s soon going to enjoy generational wealth.

After three years in the NFL, Mahomes is eligible for an extension. While the Kansas City Chiefs could wait to give their wunderkind quarterback a new deal, there’s little reason to do so.

General manager Brett Veach understands the salary cap is ready to explode with an influx of TV money over the new Collective Bargaining Agreement. To extend Mahomes soon means saving cap space, even if Mahomes comes in at the record-setting number he’s expected to receive.

How much are the Chiefs going to pay Patrick Mahomes?

The current records for quarterback money? Russell Wilson is getting $35 million per year from the Seattle Seahawks. Jared Goff secured $110 million guaranteed from the Los Angeles Rams.

Mahomes, 24, is going to blow those figures out of the water. In two years as a starter, he has won the NFL MVP, Super Bowl MVP and Super Bowl. It’s the greatest beginning to a career in league history.

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The Chiefs realize they have a generational talent, and Mahomes is going to be paid like one. The main question is how does the deal get structured and when does an extension kick in?

As for figures, a good baseline would be five years, $200 million and $150 million guaranteed. This would end when Mahomes is squarely in his prime and right in the crux of the new CBA. It’s perfect timing, and ensures absurd wealth in case of injury.