15 best NCAA basketball players we wish played in the Twitter era

Allen Iverson of Georgetown.
Allen Iverson of Georgetown. /
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Best NCAA basketball players before Twitter
Shaquille O’Neal #33, LSU (Photo by Brad Messina/Allsport/Getty Images) /

5. Best NCAA basketball players before Twitter: Shaquille O’Neal, LSU

Shaquille O’Neal changed the game and backboards often needed changing when he played because of his physical play enormous size and power he delivered on dunks.

Shaq’s style of play and performances would’ve been a sheer Twitter breaker. Reminiscent of Zion Williamson, few people remember born into the social media age remember just how hotly-contested the recruitment of the big man from Newark, New Jersey was.

With offers from a plethora of schools, Shaq denied playing with some star-studded rosters to go to LSU. He’d go on to 21.6 points, 13.5 rebounds and 4.6 blocks in his three years with the Tigers.

If Shaq had been around in these Twitter days you know he would’ve been trending often, if not every game for his dunks and rejections — the nature of playing the game of basketball at over seven feet tall. What many forget however is the touch and skillset Shaq showed around the rim at the collegiate level.

If you don’t remember that touch, you can at least revisit his 17 blocks against Mississippi State back in 1990, which still sits as the NCAA record for blocked shots in a game. An unreal physical specimen, he would’ve fit in perfectly in the social media age, and been an absolute hit along the way.

Let’s face it — personality alone, Shaq would be a hit in any generation. Just check out how much hype his son has gotten for the majority of his basketball life.