15 best NCAA basketball players we wish played in the Twitter era

Allen Iverson of Georgetown.
Allen Iverson of Georgetown. /
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10. Best NCAA basketball players before Twitter: Michael Jordan, North Carolina

Well, this might be the most obvious addition on the entire list.

Launching an entire brand alongside his NBA career, Michael Jordan already shakes the Twitter world several times a year through a release, a statement, or even with videos dashing the hopes young fans have of getting free shoes. Or most recently, with The Last Dance and the plethora of new memes he generated from the 10-hour docu-series on ESPN.

Few players throughout history have had the ability to make as much of an impact on social media, and the game itself than Jordan. That wasn’t much different in his days as a North Carolina Tar Heel. In Dean Smith’s team-oriented playing style, Jordan was the ACC Freshman of the Year, even draining the game-winning jump shot in the 1982 NCAA championship game against Georgetown.

By the time he was a junior, Jordan won nearly every major player of the year award possible. When we stop and consider how much hype (and the corresponding Twitter pressure) has come behind recent studs like Zion Williamson and Ja Morant, one has to consider just how much hype Michael Jordan would’ve had during his three years as a Tar Heel, and just how much of a stir he would’ve created had we had twitter at the time.

When we stop and consider the effect that The Last Dance being released had on the Twitter world, it only makes sense that had the span of Jordan’s career occurred during the age of Twitter, things would’ve gotten crazy.

We may have even had a predecessor to the argument of best basketball player of all-time that now rages on — would Twitter trolls refuse to acknowledge M.J. as the goat, even before Lebron?

Imagine the chaotic possibilities.