15 best NCAA basketball players we wish played in the Twitter era

Allen Iverson of Georgetown.
Allen Iverson of Georgetown. /
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Best NCAA basketball players, Twitter
Allen Iverson of Georgetown. Credit: Al Bello/ALLSPORT /

9. Best NCAA basketball players before Twitter: Allen Iverson, Georgetown

Who’s the player most wish played during the Twitter era?

The answer is The Answer.

Allen Iverson’s abilities were on another planet from most of his fellow basketball players, and that didn’t just start at the professional level. Iverson was a dual-sport athlete at Bethel High School in Virginia and went on to play for the Georgetown Hoyas for two years.

During his time with the Hoyas, Iverson set the school record for career scoring average with 22.9, and being an absolute force on the defensive end, collecting the Big East Defensive Player of the Year two years in a row, picking up 124 steals.

With the ability to shoot, attack the rim with both his weak and dominant hand and an ability to cross just about anyone he sized up out of their shoes, Iverson was the epitome of a bucket in his college days.  Standing just 6-foot tall as a freshman, Iverson’s dunking ability was surprisingly rim-rattling for someone his size, leaving many noteworthy posters from his career.

A short youtube search yields plenty of sick results of The Answer’s highlights, even a few games of him playing at Rucker Park. Before Kyrie had his handles (in the time of Twitter), Iverson was making a fool of some of the best defensive players in basketball, college and pro alike.

Imagining the Twitter reaction to Iverson’s work off the dribble yields the potential to produce some of the best highlight reels of the digital age.