NCAA basketball: 15 college basketball uniforms that are fashion disasters

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Ugly NCAA basketball uniforms
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5. Ugly NCAA basketball uniforms: Arkansas Razorbacks

This is the last of the uniforms with a big logo on the jersey, but its the ugliest of them all. The Razorbacks haven’t always looked bad, but I am not sure what they are doing right now and it starts with this uniform.

The Razorback logo isn’t horrible on its own, but when you put it on the jersey like this it is awful. It is not a good logo to single out as the main part of the jersey. From a distance, you can’t even tell what it is unless you knew what their logo looked like.

Make it as big as the numbers, like they did and just another reason this uniform ugly. Then you throw in the font and look of the numbers and it especially makes some uniforms even worse.

Take the one at the top of this page for example. The number one combined with the Razorback logo and it looks more like a lowercase i. This is a great example of taking a look at what they will look like first before putting it into production.

I am not sure what number font you could use to make this look any better, but this was not it. Not all numbers look this bad, but you have to check with all of them.

To top off the ugly look of the uniforms was the shorts. Apparently, whoever designed these thought, we need to do something more with the shorts. I know what we can do, let’s put two stripes on the side that match nothing with the jersey. The design on the side of the shorts should match up with the jersey and they ignored that fact.

But I guess they just decided to make an ugly uniform so might as well go all in.