NCAA basketball: 15 college basketball uniforms that are fashion disasters

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Ugly NCAA basketball uniforms
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4. Ugly NCAA basketball uniforms: Mississippi State Bulldogs

I have no idea what they were thinking with this uniform. I mean the number font is fine, but it is basic. Beyond that, this uniform is a mess.

I am sure they are people out there that really like it, but they are probably Mississippi State fans. Maybe some other people too but I don’t know why. This who thing is an exercise in what not to do with a uniform.

If you have read through this you have figured out that I think outlining the collar and sleeves is a good look, at least it should be. Can someone tell me why on the sleeve outline they just stop it right before the armpit? Why do this? You did half the job just finish it. It would make so much sense and look a lot better. Instead, it looks like they got tired and thought yep that is good enough.

The bad thing is they did the exact same thing with the line coming up from the bottom of the shorts. Whoever was in charge must have been like, stop right there that is far enough. We don’t have enough white to make a full stripe up the uniform. A uniform should have parts that make sense and flow and neither the stripe around the sleeve or “up” the short make any sense or flow.

Then you get to the Mississippi State on the chest. I understand that is their design for their school name on other things, but it is big and clunky and doesn’t look good on a jersey. Leave it for your media guide but leave it off the jersey. There are so many other ways you could do the name.

I think it would look so much better if you wanted to do Mississippi on top of the numbers and State under the numbers. Some teams have actually done that and it can look good split up like that. That would be the time to do a word under the letters, not like what Marquette did earlier.

What’s even worse about this uniform is they did the exact same thing on their whites. Guess they went all-in on this look. Good for them to at least dive in, but it was in the wrong place.