NCAA basketball: 15 college basketball uniforms that are fashion disasters

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Ugly NCAA basketball uniforms
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12. Ugly NCAA basketball uniforms: Clemson Tigers

We get it you have a cool looking logo. Stop putting it on the front of the jersey. The jersey looks so much better with the school name or mascot name on the front.

It looks even worse when your colors are orange and purple. Look, Clemson looks great out on the football field in orange with some purple sprinkled in and that is how it should be done. But this basketball uniform is like the complete opposite of that.

The uniform is purple with only orange as the accent color. It looks dark and could really use an outline of white on some parts of the uniform. Then they don’t even outline the collar and sleeves and make it a plain look.

They use the huge logo, that yes, we know is for Clemson but again it is just as big as the numbers. Then you put useless lines on the side of the uniform and it just makes for a mess.

Clemson, you have been handcuffed by a color combination that is not great, so you have to do better to make it look better. Doing this isn’t it.