NCAA basketball: 15 college basketball uniforms that are fashion disasters

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Ugly NCAA basketball uniforms
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11. Ugly NCAA basketball uniforms: Oregon Ducks

We talked about the Ducks earlier and how they blazed a trail in the uniform game. Some people hate their uniforms, but it has obviously been great as far as recruiting goes. Kids love their uniforms and it shows by the improvement of their football team.

The basketball team is a little tamer when it comes to their uniforms but they can still get crazy. For the most part, I actually like their uniforms and think they do a good job.

Of course, they do miss on occasion and that is exactly what they did with this basketball uniform. Why go away from their green and gold look to a very plain black and white look?

Then just like the many above them they put a big logo on their chest. What is worse about the logo on the chest is they don’t even use the good one. If you are going to use a duck logo on the chest go back to the big O with the duck coming through it.

This duck logo is very plain and is just not a good look for the chest. And for a team that has such great uniform looks with green and gold why do this?

I don’t understand why of all the things they could do with their uniforms this is what they thought would look good. I would argue that their other uniforms are nice, but I can’t argue that this one is good. It is just bad all the way around.