Jason Kelce reveals DeSean Jackson inspired him to speak out about George Floyd’s death

(Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
(Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /

Jason Kelce and DeSean Jackson have shown just how close the Eagles brotherhood is

Throughout the week, we’ve seen countless athletes take to social media to speak out about the unfortunate death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

While it’s taken some a little longer to come out and express their emotions, Eagles offensive lineman Jason Kelce has decided enough is enough.

On his Instagram page, the standout Philly veteran revealed the Eagles had a team meeting on Monday, with receiver DeSean Jackson emotionally getting across a strong message.

That same message inspired Kelce to speak out about what’s going on in the United States.

Jason Kelce and the Eagles won’t be silent over George Floyd’s death

In his Instagram caption, Kelce also went on to quote Martin Luther King Jr. Across the NFL, you’ve seen teams and their players come out in support of Floyd over what happened. In addition, countless stars and celebrities have taken to the streets to join in the peaceful protests that have been going on.

For Kelce, he and Jackson clearly have a strong relationship. Kelce also has nothing but love for the entire city of Philadelphia. The 6-3, 295-pounder has been with the Eagles since 2011, appearing in 126 games. In addition, he’s been to the Pro Bowl three times and has also been named a First-Team All-Pro three times.

It wasn’t easy for him to come out and voice his opinion on Floyd’s death, but a close teammate like Jackson was able to lift his spirits and get him to join in the movement. This shows just how strong of a brotherhood the Eagles have inside their locker room.