NFL power rankings: NFC uniforms from worst to best

Mitchell Trubisky #10 of the Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Mitchell Trubisky #10 of the Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

Which NFC team has the best uniform? We break it all down here.

51. . . . Los Angeles Rams. 16. team

The new uniforms are a disaster. Everyone has their aversions typically to recent change, but the horn isn’t even a true horn anymore. A total mess.

. Arizona Cardinals. 15. team. 32. .

There’s just too much going on. The logo is fine, but the striping and nameplates are far too busy.

team. 44. . . . Atlanta Falcons. 14

The redesign could have made things awesome. Go retro, go cleaner. Nope, a damn gradient.

13. team. 87. . . . Carolina Panthers

Nothing horrible here, but nothing which pops, either. Just a bland, forgettable look.

. . . Philadelphia Eagles. 12. team. 54

The black tops and the dark green is hideous. The best Eagles look was during the Randall Cunningham era.

team. 48. . . . Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 11

We’re still low on the list with Tampa Bay, but the Bucs would have ranked dead last with that alarm clock ugliness. Give me the Creamsicles.

36. . . . Seattle Seahawks. 10. team

Go back to the silver helmet. When these got an overhaul a decade or so ago, it went the wrong direction. Too much nonsense.

60. . . . Minnesota Vikings. 9. team

The Vikings rank ninth, but they have a great uniform. Nice colors, mostly the same throughout the years. No qualms here.

. . New York Giants. 8. team. 31.

New York did well to bring back the white pants. Now go GIANTS on the helmet and we’re in business.

50. . . . Detroit Lions. 7. team

The Lions could stand to turn back the clock to the ’90s era (both for uniforms and level of play) but the Honolulu blue is a great shade.

58. . . . Washington Commanders. 6. team

The Redskins went through a bunch of iterations early, but the burgundy and gold is a great combination. Now, change the name…

. New Orleans Saints. 5. team. 15. .

The Fleur-de-Lis is a classic symbol, and while the all-black pants should be shot into the sun, the rest of the look is solid.

4. team. 57. . . . Chicago Bears

The Bears have an homage to George Halas on the sleeve, the iconic “c” on the helmet and great colors.

3. team. 42. . . . San Francisco 49ers

Great look. Thankfully they ditched the Frank Gore-era look. Simple, sleek.

. . . Dallas Cowboys. 2. team. 123

No uniform in sports is more recognizable than the Cowboys. America’s Team.

. Green Bay Packers. 1. team. 49. .

An iconic look virtually unchanged since the 1960s. The green and gold has stood the test of time.