Tom Herman, Texas football players march in protest following death of George Floyd

Texas Longhorns. (Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images)
Texas Longhorns. (Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images) /

Tom Herman and Texas football players marched together.

Tom Herman and Texas football players and assistant coaches marched to the state capital in protest following the death of George Floyd. This march was in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, seeking racial justice and equality, stemming from Floyd’s murder and the four Minneapolis police offers charged with his death.

Before their march to the capital, Herman told his team, “We just want to make a statement that Texas football is not going to forget about this.”

Then, the team kneeled for nine minutes in honor of Floyd’s life.

Star quarterback Sam Ehlinger was among the Texas players who took part in this march.

Earlier this week, Herman told his players, specifically those who are minorities to speak their mind on social media. “You’re a minority football player at one of the biggest brands in the country,” said Herman. “You have a voice. Use it. … Post away.”

Texas football and head coach Tom Herman march to the state capital.

Over the weekend, Ehlinger posted this message on his on Twitter account.

“Hey, guys. Over the last few days, my heart has been extremely heavy. I can’t find the right words to describe how I’ve been feeling, but I wanted to put out a video and capture as much as I could. I grew up in a predominantly white neighborhood, and so playing college football has taught me a ton of lessons.”

“Probably the one I’m most thankful for is the relationships and the friendships I have built with my teammates. I’ve realized that nobody should be treated differently because of their skin color and I’ve formed unbelievable relationships with guys that I’m so thankful for.”In Matthew 22, God says ‘love your neighbor as yourself,’ and that’s something I try to live by.”

“And I would just like to say that I’m extremely sorry for the way the black community has been treated. It’s not what God has called us to do and I hope that we can move forward soon and treat everyone equally and understand there shouldn’t be any difference in how we treat someone because of their skin color or because of their race.”

Herman tweeted out his initial statement a week ago about how he feels about all that’s happened in the last several days.

“Along with my family, players, and staff, and so many across the country, I am sickened by the senseless killing of George Floyd. What we witnessed in that video was a reprehensible crime that cost George Floyd his life and dishonored the many good men and women in law enforcement who serve our communities dutifully and without prejudice.”

“This is a painful time for our country. We must find a way to come together and use our voices to take a stand against the mistreatment of African Americans and all people of color.”

“As we prepare to return to our lives, please join us in embracing our players and staff with compassion and understanding and support them as they share their voices, their experiences and their pain.”

There is no denying where Herman, Ehlinger and the rest of Texas football stand on this issue.

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