Miles Morales is getting his own Spider-Man spinoff game for PlayStation 5

Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morale. Photo: Sony/Insomniac Games.
Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morale. Photo: Sony/Insomniac Games. /

Miles Morales is getting a spinoff video game from Spider-Man for PlayStation 4.

Amid a slew of announcements for the PlayStation 5 today, Insomniac Games announced a new spinoff to Marvel’s Spider-Man was coming. This time, it features the Spider-Man universe favorite character Miles Morales in the lead.

During the PlayStation 5 reveal event, Insomniac showed off a brief trailer for the new spinoff game, which is aptly called Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales. And luckily, the game is coming as soon as Holiday 2020. In the trailer, footage cuts to someone holding off a damaged, strange, electrical-looking thing. Then it immediately pans out to reveal that it’s Miles Morales in his black and red spider-suit.

The trailer then cuts to various shots of Miles thwipping his way around New York, rescuing people, and saving the city from mayhem. We also see his invisibility powers in action, something that wasn’t really touched upon in the first game. You can watch the teaser for the new PS5 game below.

The first game, Marvel’s Spider-Man for PlayStation 4, is definitely required playing for this Miles Morales-led game. In that one, Miles met with Peter Parker, and the two became friends. Fans were excited about playing him because the game came out just ahead of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, which featured Miles as well. Unfortunately, his gameplay in the original game was slim — really only doing quick stealth missions, and there was no use of his spidey powers just yet.

Now, it looks like things are in full swing for Miles in New York City. And notably absent from the trailer was his mentor, Peter Parker. It’s good that the focus was on Miles, but it makes one wonder to what extend the original Spider-Man will be present in the sequel.

With the game coming out for the next-gen console so fast, it looks like it could feature a main story like its predecessor and then release a few DLC chapters in the following months or so. It’s always good to have additional content, but that may make the playthrough of the first storyline a bit short.

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Look out for Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales later this year. And continue to follow the Gaming category on FanSided Entertainment for more PS5 updates.