Paul Finebaum thinks Oklahoma State should fire Mike Gundy (but they won’t)

Mike Gundy, Oklahoma State Cowboys. (Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images)
Mike Gundy, Oklahoma State Cowboys. (Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images) /

Paul Finebaum believes Oklahoma State football coach Mike Gundy has to go.

Paul Finebaum’s latest criticism of Oklahoma State football coach Mike Gundy leaves no doubt.

Finebaum has not been a fan of Gundy for a long time. He was appalled at how Gundy seemed to trivialize the global pandemic several weeks ago. Now, he’s asking for Oklahoma State University to fire its longtime head football coach because he continues to embarrass the university. Of course, Finebaum is referring to the OAN t-shirt incident that happened over the weekend.

Finebaum appeared on ESPN’s Get Up! on Tuesday morning and left no stone unturned regarding how he feels about the Cowboys head football coach.”I think the sooner that Oklahoma State gets rid of Mike Gundy, the better it’s going to be for that school.”

Though Gundy was the quarterback for the Cowboys when Thurman Thomas and Barry Sanders became college football legends in the 1980s, Gundy’s program has never been championship-caliber in the last 15 years since taking over for Les Miles. Finebaum pointed out he’s 2-13 in the Bedlam Series and his greatest accomplishment was his, “I’m a man, I’m 40!” speech.

Paul Finebaum thinks Oklahoma State should move on from Mike Gundy now.

Gundy’s latest controversy has to do with an OAN t-shirt he was photographed wearing at Lake Texoma. One America News is a far-right political network whose beliefs do not line up with many of the players on the Oklahoma State football team, including running back Chuba Hubbard and linebacker Amen Ogbongbemiga. They voiced their frustrations over this Monday.

Though Hubbard, Ogbongbemiga and rest of Oklahoma State football is deciding to move forward with this as a team, it’s not like we really believed what Gundy said in the incredibly awkward PSA message that went out Monday evening. And we thought Kirk Ferentz’s PSA from a few weeks ago over the Chris Doyle scandal with Iowa football was particularly cringeworthy.

Gundy isn’t the first coach Finebaum has been incredibly critical of during the Black Lives Matter movement. He and FS1’s Skip Bayless did not have the nicest things to say about Clemson Tigers head coach Dabo Swinney last week. Swinney has since silenced his critics with a powerful message during the demonstration that took place on the Clemson campus last Saturday evening.

While it seems as though Oklahoma State will go forward with Gundy as its head football coach for a 16th season, his buyout would be $16.3125 million under normal termination circumstances, or could be as little as $2 million if the university exercises its “conduct unbecoming of the university” clause.

Outside of a five-year run from 1996-2000, Gundy has made his home in Stillwater since playing for the Cowboys back in 1986. When you think of Oklahoma State football, he and Sanders are the two names you think of first. Is that really a good thing Gundy is that high up on the Pokes’ totem poll? Maybe Finebaum is right and that there needs to be a change at Oklahoma State.

Finebaum is furious over what has gone on in Stillwater and wants Gundy gone.

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