Lamar Jackson might have just admitted the Chiefs are inside his head

Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs, Lamar Jackson, Baltimore Ravens. (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs, Lamar Jackson, Baltimore Ravens. (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images) /

The Baltimore Ravens quarterback admitting he uses the Chiefs in Madden is a head-scratcher

Lamar Jackson solidified himself last season as one of the best quarterbacks in the National Football League, winning MVP honors after an incredible year leading the Baltimore Ravens. However, Patrick Mahomes got the last laugh, powering the Kansas City Chiefs to a Super Bowl win.

While fans everywhere can’t wait for the two sides to go to battle next, go ahead and give Kansas City the upper hand leading up to things. Why? Because Jackson came out and inexplicably said he uses the Chiefs in Madden. Why would he do such a thing?

All eyes will be on Lamar Jackson when the Chiefs and Ravens meet this year

Kansas City and Baltimore are set to face off on Sept. 28 at M&T Bank Stadium. Chiefs defenders will probably have a field day screaming at Jackson about his latest Madden admission.

If Jackson enjoys playing with Kansas City so much, just wait until those same defensive linemen try to lay a monster hit on him. Then we’ll see how much he really does like Kansas City.

All jokes aside, this probably wasn’t a great idea for the third-year signal caller. It’s one thing to respect your opponent, but to basically admit you’re a fan of the team, especially after they just won the Super Bowl, isn’t going to make them fear you come Sundays.

At the same time, perhaps this is Jackson pulling off a genius move. Maybe this is just him hyping up the Chiefs, just so he can bury them when they meet in late September?

The two sides were expected to dance in the AFC Championship game last winter, but the Titans’ upset of Baltimore in the Divisional Round ruined the dream matchup.

This year, though, we’re guaranteed at least one meeting between the two powerhouses. Jackson will be forced to put his fandom aside, though, and try to win a ball game. Entering play, he’s already got his team a bit behind thanks to his recent Madden comments. What a mistake.