5 NFL teams Colin Kaeperick could start for in 2020

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Mandatory Credit: Dylan Buell/Getty Images /

1. Chicago Bears

The Bears showed the faith they have left in Mitch Trubisky by trading for Nick Foles and passing on his fifth-year option. Quarterbacks coach John DeFilippo can say all he wants about having the best quarterback room in the league, if only in a strained effort to prop his guys up, but it’s not rooted in reality.

In 2016, when he last played coming off offseason surgeries in Chip Kelly’s ill-suited to the NFL offense, Kaepernick was not notably worse than the best season of Trubisky’s career in some areas.

Colin Kaepernick 2016: 90.7 passer rating, 6.8 yards per attempt, 4.8 percent touchdown rate, 1.2 percent interception rate, 6.8 yards per carry

Mitch Trubisky 2018: 95.4 passer rating, 7.4 yards per attempt, 5.5 percent touchdown rate, 2.8 percent interception rate, 6.2 yards per carry

All that needs to be said abut Foles can be seen in his regular season Eagles/non-Eagles splits. And that leaves out the run to Super Bowl MVP in 2017, when he played way over his head.

The conclusion? Trubisky is in line to be replaced, and even without an injury Foles may not be able to keep him on the bench all season. Adding Kaepernick to the mix may not be on the radar in Chicago right now. But that may change quickly, and the incumbent duo would not be enough to keep him off the field.

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