What’s new in the NBA’s revised CBA?

Adam Silver, NBA, (Photo by FRANCK FIFE/AFP via Getty Images)
Adam Silver, NBA, (Photo by FRANCK FIFE/AFP via Getty Images) /

The NBA and the NBA Player’s Association have agreed to change a few details in the current CBA to accommodate the league’s planned restart.

The unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic and the NBA‘s interrupted and, hopefully, soon-to-be resumed season were events the current Collective Bargaining Agreement was not designed to handle. From shifting dates and deadlines to flexing rules for roster construction, the league and the NBA Player’s Association had a few details to hammer out. While discussions are still ongoing about player participation in the resumed season, the league and the union have at least worked out the necessary CBA details.

ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported today that they finalized the details this morning, allowing the new transaction window to open and teams to begin making moves.

What’s new in the NBA’s revised CBA?

Transaction window: This window will allow teams to add free agents into open roster spots and replace players who opt-out of the resumed season. So far, Davis Bertans (Wizards) and Trevor Ariza (Trail Blazers) are the only players who have opted out but players have until Wednesday to notify their teams.

Insurance policy: According to Wojnarowski, the NBA has, “put in place an enhanced insurance plan for players in Orlando that would cover career-ending injuries related to Covid-19 or conventional basketball injuries, sources tell ESPN. Potential group policy would cover players for several million dollars.” This is a very real concern — not just potentially contracting COVID-19 but how even recovering from the illness might impact the long-term health of a player.

Option deadlines: According to Shams Charania, today’s agreement also sets new deadlines for players and team to make decisions on contract options. Andre Drummond already announced this morning he was planning to pick up his option with the Cavaliers. Here are a few of the biggest ones still looming:

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