It’s not a faux pas to uninvite some teams from the NBA’s restart plan

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Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images /

A new episode of Fastbreak Breakfast reviews the NBA’s restart plan and offers a few [not so] helpful suggestions.

Pull your mask down just far enough to enjoy your favorite pastry (provided you aren’t close to anyone else) and get ready for a hysterical new episode of Fastbreak Breakfast. First up for review is the NBA‘s 113-page restart plan. What are the holes? Which dystopian science fiction movie does it most closely resemble? Which player will be the first to be caught attempting to swap MagicBands to bypass security?

Also covered:

  • With the news of Davis Bertans, Trevor Ariza, Kelly Oubre and LaMarcus Aldridge missing out on the restart, would it be a faux pas to just uninvite their non-playoff teams?
  • Have you checked out these NBA Store clearance items lately?
  • Is there a competitive advantage for Nikola Jokic and Rudy Gobert going ahead and contracting Covid-19?
  • Who will be the most improved player from the March suspension of play until the July 30th resumption? Who benefits the most from the three-month break?
  • Do multiple positive tests among players mean players will actually be safer in the Disney near-bubble?
  • ISHOP (International Stackhouse of Pancakes) history: What are the all-time worst shooting performances in the NBA Finals?

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