Power ranking each NBA team by their 2-on-2 NBA Jam pairings

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Los Angeles Clippers
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2. Los Angeles Lakers: LeBron James and Anthony Davis

These choices don’t need an explanation. When one of the best passers ever teams up with one of the best interior scorers in the league, good things often happen. The King has thrown countless lobs to The Brow already this season, and that will be amplified in a 2-on-2 game.

What’s even more fascinating is that James and Davis rarely played with a spaced floor this season (often Dwight Howard or JaVale McGee was at the 5 next to Davis), and they still dominated. One can only imagine what happens without three extra teammates.

1. Los Angeles Clippers: Kawhi Leonard and Paul George

The era of duos is more evident in Los Angeles than anywhere else. Leonard and George go together better than almost any duo in the league, matchup-proof wings defensively who can operate on or off the ball as excellent scorers and shooters. Few teams will score on these two, and not many are equipped to guard both either.

Leonard can also get just about any bucket under the sun, something he’s proven at the highest levels multiple times. Defending him is a borderline impossible task, and scoring on him requires divine intervention.

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