LSU football: 5 LSU Tigers in line for breakout seasons in 2020

Myles Brennan of the LSU Tigers. (Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images)
Myles Brennan of the LSU Tigers. (Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images) /
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LSU football breakout players
Myles Brennan #15 of the LSU Tigers (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images) /

The LSU Tigers have some great talents that will show themselves this season.

Coming off a National Championship, the LSU Tigers have a lot of work to do, maybe more work to do than any National Champion before them. They tied a record by having 14 players drafted this year, and that means they have to replace those players in the lineup. This wasn’t just above average players they are losing, or just normal seniors here. The Tigers had four players go in the first round. This includes starting quarterback Joe Burrow, who went to the Cincinnati Bengals with the first-overall pick.

Try to look at the positive side of things here. Let’s not dwell on the fact that the Tigers lost a lot of players, let’s focus on the fact that head coach Ed Orgeron has a lot of great talent to fill those positions. That means there’s a lot of opportunities to break out this season.

Obviously, things are a little weird this offseason, so you have to project based on a lot less information than we’ve had in previous offseasons. Still, with a team like LSU, you can go back to how a lot of these players were recruited and see how their skills would be used in Orgeron’s system. Steve Ensminger also has a lot to do with that system, and he’s ready to put together another all-time offense despite the talent they’ve lost and Broyles Award winner Joe Brady with the Carolina Panthers.

I’m excited to see this LSU football team. Both on offense and defense, they are dealing with five-star talents at most of their positions. Years of great recruiting classes are paying off because the depth of this team has them in the preseason top five in a lot of polls. With a tough schedule ahead of them, the Tigers need to find those great players on the depth chart. These are the five LSU football players poised for a breakout season.

5. LSU football breakout players: Myles Brennan, quarterback

You have to start with the man slated to replace Burrow. Myles Brennan is a four-star quarterback out of Mississippi that’s well in front of the quarterback race. He’s had such a limited playtime in college, it’s hard to tell you exactly what he’s going to do once he’s under center. What we do know is the weapons around him are insane.

Just look at his number-one receiver. Ja’Marr Chase is the country’s returning Biletnikoff Award winner, and he was absolutely out of this world last season. He’s probably the biggest reason Joe Burrow went from a decent signal-caller to the best in the country and obvious top player going into the draft. Chase is returning for one more season, and he’s going to look to ball out before he (hopefully) walks across the stage to say hello to Roger Goodell.

Brennan also has a lot of other offensive talents around him, and a great offensive mind running the system in Ensminger.

The offensive line is going to be the only big question mark. They are a brand new unit, and they don’t have a lot of offseason time to get on the same page. However, believe in the talent, and even if it’s a weakness to start, I don’t foresee it doing enough damage to stop the ascent of Brennan.

Then, there’s Brennan himself. He’s a pro-style quarterback that has the arm strength to take this team to a similar level. He can run this high-tempo offense which is going to lead to a lot of yards and possibly a ton of scoring.