Shams Charania adds fuel to NBA insider rivalry by liking anti-Woj tweet

Adrian Wojnarowski, (Photo by Mike Lawrie/Getty Images)
Adrian Wojnarowski, (Photo by Mike Lawrie/Getty Images) /

The NBA’s top insider war between Shams Charania and Adrian Wojnarowski took a turn.

On Friday, an email from ESPN NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski to Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri was leaked, and it included a Woj bomb of epic proportions. Hawley sent a letter to the NBA, criticizing their position on the Black Lives Matter movement. When Woj caught whiff of this, he responded with a different kind of bomb. You get the idea.

Wojnarowski has since apologized, both on social media and with a phone call to Hawley’s office. ESPN claims to not be a political entity, and while few of us believe them, to be outright in their stance is unlike them. Woj’s comment being made public, even if only one word, doesn’t do them any favors if remaining apolitical during times of social unrest truly is their goal.

Shams Charania likes anti-Woj tweet, setting social media ablaze.

Wojnarowski is the most recognizable face in NBA media, especially since his move to the Worldwide leader. Shams, meanwhile, is the only news-breaker who really compares to Woj’s accomplishments, and their ongoing battle to report information first is an ever-intriguing side battle during the NBA season. However, this doesn’t mean the two are fond of each other.

The tweet, which was a video of Outkick’s Clay Travis taking shots at Woj and ESPN for their supposed left-leaning reporting. Charania has since unliked the tweet, but the damage was done, even if his Twitter fingers slipped.

ESPN has suspended and even parted ways with controversial analysts in the past, arguably unfairly. Look no further than Jemele Hill. Perhaps most importantly, however, is ESPN’s concerted effort to stay out of politics at one of the most polarizing times in United States history. Insisting all of their employees keep their opinions to themselves is a little unrealistic.

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