Washington Post report alleges sexual harassment by Washington team

Washington owner Dan Snyder (Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)
Washington owner Dan Snyder (Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images) /

A long-rumored report from The Washington Post alleging years of misconduct inside the Washington football organization has finally arrived.

For days, rumors have been buzzing about a bombshell report from The Washington Post on a variety of misdeeds within the Washington organization. It’s even been implied in multiple places that the team’s sudden change of heart about abandoning the controversial and racist Redskins name was a PR move to distract from the coming disaster.

The report, written by Will Hobson and Liz Clarke, arrived today and it’s every bit as jaw-dropping as the rumors implied. Essentially, 15 women have described sexual harassment by member os the organization, including scouts and others within the inner circle of team owner Daniel Snyder.

What is happening with the Washington Football Team?

Troubling, and possibly even criminal, behavior inside the organization hasn’t exactly been a secret. More than two years ago, The New York Times reported about team cheerleaders being required to pose topless at an event attended by sponsors and suite-holders.

The event was in Costa Rica, the cheerleaders’ passports were held, preventing them from leaving and several alleged that they were encouraged to serve as escorts for sponsors.

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What happens next is likely an investigation by the NFL, led by commissioner Roger Goodell. In 2017, the Carolina Panthers were looked into after Sports Illustrated published a report alleging sexual harassment in their offices. Owner Jerry Richardson sold the team within days.

We will update this story as more details emerge.