Rams’ Andrew Whitworth reveals family all tested positive for COVID-19

Los Angeles Rams star offensive tackle details dangerous nature of COVID-19.

The NFL and NFL Players Association are currently in negotiations about how to run the 2020 season in the height of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. A safety protocol has yet to be implemented by the league with training camp still scheduled to start on July 28.

During the NFLPA’s conference call with the Pro Football Writers of America, Los Angeles Rams offensive tackle Andrew Whitworth revealed that he and his family contracted COVID-19 after a family member went out to lunch with a friend. Whitworth announced that he, his wife, three children, and in-laws all tested positive for the virus in a matter of days. In fact, his father-in-law was briefly hospitalized to combat the virus, and is now home.

Whitworth wants to raise awareness for how quickly the virus can spread

Whitworth brought this up to show why some players are apprehensive about returning to work in a matter of a couple of weeks.

“When we say you’re gonna have to make good decisions and you’re gonna have to be careful outside of the building, we’re talking about things as simple as going to lunch with someone,” Whitworth said, via Yahoo Sports. “All it takes is one exposure, and that’s the reality and my story is an example of that.”

Even though the NFL seemingly had an advantage in terms of coming up with a plan for the start of the season, they’re now scrambling just like MLB did last month. There’s no agreed upon plan in regards to a safety protocol, but team doctors released a statement on Friday saying they believe it’s safe to participate in training camp. Earlier this week, the NFLPA revealed that 72 players had tested positive for COVID-19.

Whatever is agreed upon, Whitworth is urging his colleagues to be as safe as possible on and off the field, because the coronavirus isn’t picky in terms of finding a host.