Tyreek Hill makes funny joke about position change

Tyreek Hill is used to positional flexibility with the Kansas City Chiefs

Andy Reid and Eric Bieniemy’s usage of Tyreek Hill over the past few season has been one of the more underrated storylines of the Chiefs’ rise to prominence. As a potential dynasty in the making, the Chiefs will look to be even more creative with Hill’s usage in the coming season, and the Pro Bowl wideout is open to just about anything that gets the ball in his hands more often.

Hill went from special teams toy to occasional offensive weapon to Pro Bowl caliber wide receiver, and his route running is surprisingly a strength of his, despite most of us being distracted by his blazing speed. But, there’s still more the Chiefs can do with the 26-year-old, including using him out of the backfield.

Tyreek Hill is ready to embrace a new role, even in jest


Hill’s workout routine has added several pounds of muscle to his frame, which assuming it doesn’t slow him down just seems unfair. The man appropriately coined ‘Cheetah’ is the fastest player in all of football, but is far more than just your average deep threat. Hill can run any route in the book, and once he gets free in the open field, any defensive back is bound to lose the footrace.

Whether the Chiefs actually ask him to line up in the backfield remains to be seen, but there’s really no reason why they should limit their flexibility at this juncture. Now that Hill’s sole focus is on offense, not special teams (which has been the case for a few seasons), his potential can only grow. The same can be said about Mecole Hardman, giving Patrick Mahomes a war chest very few teams in the NFL can even compete with.