Here’s a great idea for using home run baseballs from MLB games

MLB (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
MLB (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images) /

MLB may be wondering what to do with the home runs from MLB games, with no fans in the stands. One Twitter user posted a great idea.

Here’s an interesting question: What is MLB going to do with all the baseballs that are hit into the stands during games this season? While some teams are putting cardboard cutouts of fans in the stands this year, there won’t be any real fans to catch the home run balls.

Someone on Twitter has come up with an interesting idea. Paul Pabst of NBC Sports Radio posted this tweet on Monday:

Is this an idea MLB could really implement?

This would be a great gesture by the league, particularly after the contentious negotiations that took place just to get this season going. And with home runs up across the game, there’s a chance that they could make a lot of children happy.

The league, first, would have to retrieve the baseballs and make sure that they are indeed the correct ones that the players hit. Getting them from empty stands shouldn’t be too hard, but retrieving them from shrubbery that some stadiums have could be a bit more of a challenge.

Another issue that comes to mind is sanitation. The league would have to clean the baseballs and put them through some sort of screening process to make sure that they are safe. Then, the league would have to determine which hospitals the baseballs would be delivered to and who would get them. And who would deliver them? Is it possible that the players themselves could, or would that be too big of a health risk? Would the players at least be able to sign the baseballs for the kids?

In any case, if MLB could figure out a way to make this work, it would be a great idea. Let’s hope that someone from the league is at least paying attention.

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