Jets owner and UK ambassador is in hot water for racist, sexist remarks

Woody Johnson, New York Jets. (Photo by Michael Adamucci/Getty Images)
Woody Johnson, New York Jets. (Photo by Michael Adamucci/Getty Images) /

New York Jets owner, United Kingdom ambassador Woody Johnson is under fire.

Woody Johnson has reportedly said some racist and sexist things and might now have to pay a price for it.

According to CNN, the New York Jets owner and the United Kingdom ambassador for the Trump White House has been “investigated by the State Department watchdog after allegations that he made racist and sexist comments to staff and sought to use his government position to benefit the President’s personal business in the UK.”

Johnson has been the United States’ ambassador for the United Kingdom since August 2017. Since 2000, he has been the majority owner of the NFL‘s New York Jets franchise. Johnson is the great-grandson of one of the two founders of Johnson & Johnson, his namesake Robert Wood Johnson I.

Woody Johnson has reportedly made disparaging comments about black people, women.

According to CNN’s report, Johnson has questioned the role of black men as patriarchs in their families and why there’s even Black History Month. Reportedly, “it was a struggle to get him on board for an event for International Women’s Day.” Johnson has held official gatherings at a men’s only club in London, which has prevented women from entering the facility.

The 73-year-old represents the United States to one of our country’s most important allies. He’s one of 31 majority owners in the NFL, as the Green Bay Packers are owned by the fans. Since Johnson bought the Jets back in 2000, Gang Green has won one division title (2002), made it to two AFC Championship games (2009-10) and haven’t been to the AFC playoffs since falling to the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 2010 conference title bout. It has been a decade of extreme futility for the Jets, as they’ve been one of the worst run organizations in the league since 2010.

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Though the Jets are the second team in town and probably always will be to the bluest of blue-blood New York Giants, they do play in the biggest media market in the country. Bad ownership is nothing new in the Big Apple. One has to believe that if the Jets were to be sold by the Johnsons to someone else, maybe they’d make the playoffs at least once or twice in a decade?