Miami Marlins reveal new measures to keep Covid-19 cases in check

Derek Jeter CEO of the Miami Marlins (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images)
Derek Jeter CEO of the Miami Marlins (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images) /

The Miami Marlins are trying to stop their outbreak of COVID-19 cases.

It was such a wonderful opening weekend of baseball before the Miami Marlins changed the narrative on Monday. A total of 14 positive players and coaches forced the Marlins to suspend all games for the rest of the week while they try to get the virus in control in their locker room.

This has already disrupted the schedule of multiple teams, as the Philadelphia Phillies are worried about exposure after playing the Marlins this weekend. Their two opponents, the Baltimore Orioles, and New York Yankees, now have to change their schedules to play each other later this week.

How are the Marlins fighting COVID-19?

This is obviously the worst-case scenario for the Marlins this early in the season. That feeling is even more apparent in a statement Marlins CEO Derek Jeter, per Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic. Jeter says that the coaches and the players are having a tough time with the spread of this virus, as a few positives quickly turned into half the team. Now, those players have to quarantine from their loved ones until they test negative, and basically lean on each other to deal with this pandemic.

The Marlins are changing some protocols to better handle the outbreak. First, they will move to a daily testing method. This is obviously the most important method to keep the virus in check. The team needs to know who is infected as quickly as possible.

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It’s a scary situation for the Marlins, but it sounds like it took them this absolute worst-case scenario to learn a very valuable lesson. They are stuck in Philadelphia while they figure out what to do next. The mayor of Miami wants the entire team to quarantine for 14 days. This entire situation is a mess, but hopefully other MLB teams will learn from this.

These more extreme testing protocols should have been in place from the beginning, but now that we’ve had an outbreak, we can learn how quickly it can all fall apart. The fact that no other team has positive tests over the weekend is a good sign, and now baseball can hopefully move forward from here.