Carlos Correa and the Astros had a worse Friday night than you (Video)

During Friday’s loss to Oakland, Carlos Correa fouled a ball directly off his groin 

For Major League Baseball fans out there, the hatred for the Houston Astros isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Houston rocked the bigs with its infamous sign-stealing scandal and showed little to no remorse afterwards.

Still, as much as someone may despite the club, no one out there should ever wish for the kind of pain Carlos Correa went through on Friday night against Oakland. While at the plate and looking to go yard, the slugger ended up fouling off a ball that hit him directly in the family jewels.

Yup, the ball flied right off his groin, causing anyone who watched the clip below to immediately wince.

The Oakland Athletics took down the Houston Astros 3-2 on Friday night in walk-off fashion

Poor Carlos.

That kind of incident right there makes even the biggest of Houston haters feel sorry for Correa. To make matters worse for him and the Astros, Oakland ended up leaving the stadium with a 3-2, extra-innings walk-off victory.

Oh and by the way, there was some serious trolling going on in the skies too, as a ‘Houston Asterisks’ banner was flying around for the world to see. You think everyone is going to forget about how the team cheated its way to a World Series title? No chance at all.

Houston remains one of the most hated teams in all of sports and it doesn’t look like things are going to be changing in that department.

While everyone may be rooting for them to lose whenever they take the field, let’s hope Correa doesn’t foul off any more balls off his junk. One time suffering that kind of serious pain is more than enough.