Kevin Warren nixes idea Nebraska could go rogue and play in 2020

Kevin Warren, Big Ten. (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)
Kevin Warren, Big Ten. (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images) /

Kevin Warren is not going to let Nebraska football do whatever it wants.

Big Ten commissioner Kevin Warren is not about to let Nebraska football go rogue in 2020.

With the Big Ten postponing its 2020 college football season until the spring, all 14 member institutions will not be able to play games before the calendar flips. While Wisconsin Badgers athletic director Barry Alvarez thinks student-athletes will be down with “enhanced training” without playing games this fall, programs like Nebraska may want out of the Big Ten.

When asked by Yahoo Sports if Nebraska could go rogue and set up its own college football schedule for 2020, Warren replied, “No, not and be a member of the Big Ten Conference.” Nebraska was one of two Big Ten universities to not vote for postponing the season until the spring, along with the University of Iowa. Things are about to get nasty up in Big Ten country.

We can feel all of Nebraska’s Big Ten buyer’s remorse in our bones.

It’s been a rough year for all of us, especially Warren. He took over for one of the best commissioners in college athletics in Jim Delany. We know Delany wouldn’t have tolerated this amount of open dissension from Scott Frost and Nebraska. Surely, he would have made their 2021 college football season schedule a living hell out of purely spite for simply questioning him.

Though we’ve thought about this for a while, it’s safe to say the Nebraska-Big Ten marriage has been empty and unfulfilling for a long time now. Both parties are not happy with each other. Nebraska went from being a major pillar in the Big 12 to essentially an afterthought in the Big Ten. It hasn’t helped that Nebraska football hasn’t been Nebraska football for most of the 21st century.

It would be super awkward to get back with their ex, but Nebraska could tell the Big Ten to kick rocks and hope the Big 12 will welcome the ‘Huskers back with open arms. This is a pipe dream at this point, but the amount of regret Nebraska and the Big Ten have in this partnership is at an all-time high. Cornhuskers football is everything in Nebraska and the entire state is being denied of it.

Warren won’t let Nebraska go rogue, but they may decide to do it anyway because they’re mad.

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