Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Bucks got roasted on Twitter after loss to Magic

Giannis and his supporting cast lost handily to the eighth-seeded Orlando Magic, and social media wasn’t kind

It’s fairly incredible how quickly we forget that these same Orlando Magic (albeit, with their full cast of characters in tow) took a game from the Toronto Raptors en route to the Raps’ first NBA title with Kawhi Leonard leading the charge in 2019. Yet, the fightin’ Harry Potters don’t inspire confidence in NBA circles, making it all the more embarrassing (online, at least) when a true contender loses to these lovable second-tier Eastern Conference foes.

The best of NBA Twitter took aim at Antetokounmpo and the Milwaukee Bucks despite their regular-season status, having notched the best record in the league by a decent margin. It didn’t matter. 0-1 in the postseason.

Twitter ripped into the Milwaukee Bucks for losing to the Magic

Antetokounmpo needs to hit some open jump shots, rather than the gym.

LeBron has to feel good about his best competition in the Eastern Conference facing an unforeseen challenge in Round 1.

Do we fully believe in this Bucks team, or is it merely an overreaction? Likely the latter, but for now we can revel in NBA Playoff Twitter at its finest.

Did anyone else know the Magic were depleted?

Coby White is right, because plenty of fans definitely did not watch this game.

The Bucks should be ashamed for making us watch more Orlando Magic basketball. Can Penny Hardaway and Shaq re-enter the lineup? No?

Hey, it’s about as realistic as JR Smith playing with LeBron James again after blowing an NBA Finals game.

Not sure, Stephen A! Never take a team lightly in the NBA Playoffs, it won’t end well.

Giannis doesn’t tweet much, but if he needs some motivation, someone get him to search “Bucks” in his Twitter feed right now. That ought to do the trick.