5 reasons Bears can win the Super Bowl this year

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS - NOVEMBER 24: Khalil Mack #52 of the Chicago Bears (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS - NOVEMBER 24: Khalil Mack #52 of the Chicago Bears (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images) /
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Nick Foles, Chicago Bears
Nick Foles, Chicago Bears (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images) /

Nick Foles

There are only six teams in the NFL have quarterbacks who won a Super Bowl, and the Bears are now one of them. The Mitchell Trubisky Experiment will end either before the season begins, or quickly after it’s initial kickoff, and when it does, the Bears trade for quarterback Nick Foles will pay infinite dividends for a team looking to return to the top tier of teams in the NFC.

Nick Foles, in very much the same way that he helped to steer the Eagles’ ship on the way to their Super Bowl, will be able to do much the same, if not more, with the Bears. Frankly, he may have made the Jaguars contenders a season ago, too, if not for injury.

What Foles brings is not necessarily the most talented quarterback play in the NFL; but rather, he brings the mental side of the position to the Bears’ offense that will prevent the team from losing because of the offense. He’s not going to lead the team to scoring 30+ points per game, but he can easily get the team into the 24 range, which is all it should take to be competitive in the NFC with their defense.

Nick Foles also brings confidence to the huddle that it has been abundantly clear that has been lacking under the “leadership” of former second overall draft pick Mitchell Trubisky. Foles’ confidence comes from not only a long season spanning now his ninth season and his fifth team, being a winner not only of a Super Bowl, but also boasting a winning career record over 50 starts, and of being a former Pro Bowl-caliber leader.

Chicago has good, quality pieces in place on the offensive side of the ball – and when Nick Foles takes advantage of those, this team will be back to competing for the Super Bowl.